Monday, December 05, 2005


long time, no post

you can thanks my good friend M for reprimanding me for not posting lately. Ok, so she didn't really reprimand me... but here I am anyway.

lately there has been very little knitting happening lately.
maybe a few rounds on a Xmas present. For M.
that's all I can say, since she obviously reads this blog. ;)

There seems to be a wave of babies coming up. and by a wave, I mean 5.
Sister #2- due Dec. 17 or so. blanket and booties done. sent.
Sister #3- due sometime in May. blanket is started- about 5-6 inches in. I hate knitting with this yarn (simply soft- it's good for crochet though) but I'm alright with the pattern.

Cousin, DIL of Dad's only sister... whose house my mom went to in her fabulous Big Mexiko jacket just a few weeks ago. They loved the jacket, marveled at my knitting skills. The jacket I started for this baby was off. It was diagonal. after looking at the pattern and the picture of the jacket, I realized that the pattern has the ssk on the WRONG side of the YO. the damn thing looks like it was knit for a sideways baby. the worst part is that I thought it was a little funny that the picture was different, but I figured the pattern was right. Woe is me.

Professor- baby girl came into the world a few weeks ago. I cannot give her anything until grades come back. Although the paper is due tomorrow. I'm thinking booties. and maybe a hat.

friends in AZ- I'm so excited for this couple, so I'll probably make something for them too.

But boy, do I wish I had bought a knitting machine with my 50% off Joann or Michael's coupon.

Obviously, there is no knitting happening here. Nada. Kein. Nyet.
The horrendous slanting baby jacket has sucked the joy out of knitting momentarily.

But I'll be back. December 17th baby. Dec 17th.

Finally! Woo - a new entry! You know that checking out your website is my study break excuse, right?

My friends back in MI are becoming pregnant one and another. What the easiest baby gift to knit (for a beginner) besides a blanket?
baby washcloths. see- the benefit of blankets is that they're flat. If you're more adventurous, there are a bunch of little jackets that aren't too hard. Followed by bonnents, then baby socks or booties.
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