Sunday, December 11, 2005


Dawn of the Dead... the knit edition

There was an ebay auction of the zombies- which were actually characters from a Dawn of the Dead spoof- Shaun of the Dead.

pictures of the characters are here

What talent!

update- her blog is

Ah the things we knitters will create. It's fantastic, pointless, but fantastic.

In answer to your question, Yes. I did see the cartoon with the dancing skeletons. That's where my love of the song came from too. :)
That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. BTW, I love this movie.
HAHAHHA!!! and look how many bids she has on them! :o

it was pretty funny..pointless, and still gory...but still pretty darn funny!
Kristine, will you be in Chicago already Sunday? if i don't see you-Happy Holidays and have a restful break!
Have you already left to go home for Christmas break? Or will I see you at the guild party on Sunday? If not, hope you have a great holiday!
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