Monday, October 03, 2005


Yarn Harlot's visit

I had such a good time yesterday- first at the book signing, and hanging out at Sit & Knit, and later at dinner with Stephanie, Jack and Kim (owners of the Sit & Knit) and Dorothy- winner of the drawing. It was so generous of Jack and Kim to invite me along, they were wonderful hosts- I will be haunting their shop from now on- did I mention how much I love that place! Stephanie is a fabulous storyteller, not that I should be surprised about that, but she is so expressive, in gestures, movements, voice and tempo. I was absolutely enthralled, just sitting and listening (and laughing) to Stephanie and Jack (who is also quite a storyteller).

I'm at school right now (and all week long) so it's unlikely that I'll have many pictures posted- I didn't even take that many- and I forgot to get one with me in it! D'oh! But Elizabeth has a few pictures she might share with me, if I'm really nice : )

in knitting news- I realized I only have 3 projects on needles, not counting 1 crochet project- Oh, how far I've fallen! So I cast on for a felted bag with grey Lamb's Pride burly spun- it's super bulky. I originally bought the yarn in a shop in LA, the one and only time I was out there, visiting my aunt. I made a lacey scarf out of it, and it itched me the 2 times I wore it. So it was frogged, and is starting life anew. I'm going to top the bag with my purple homespun... and maybe grace it with a flower or two. We'll see. But this whole lack of projects is serious! So I'm going to relist my project priorities... after I'm done working on trial ad.

and if anyone cared- the golf lesson on Saturday was a success- a beautiful, sunny day, an 1 1/2 lesson with a PGA professional, and I can actually hit the darn golf ball! But don't tell Chris- he might want to go to the range before it snows... and right now all my free time is dedicated to knitting and spinning.

off to go read Evidence!

**update** I did not have a lesson with a PGA touring professional... I had a lesson with a PGA certified instructor- still a really great lesson, but without the outrageous price tag ;)

of course I'll share but I only have two because I am a bad picture taker, one of me with Stephanie and one of Betty with Stephanie.
you had a lesson with a PGA pro? that's so cool- and i don't even life golf. was it anyone famous?
ok- sorry to disappoint... it was a professional teacher... but she was great!
Hey Kristine - it was great to meet you - I'm envious that you got to go along for the dinner! I only got one picture myself....I was too busy listening to think of pictures....
I was able to meet Stephanie at another book signing. She really is very entertaining to listen to!

That's cool you had a golf lesson from a PGA pro!
Thanks for your kind words about our evening. It was astounding for us -- after all, Kristine, how often does one get to have dinner with a kick-boxing knitter?!!!
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