Thursday, October 13, 2005


Kristine needs....

I put in a site meter a few days ago- and I was surprised to see how many people read my blog from faraway places... Nova Scotia, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, Australia, Norway and Singapore! (that would be emy... I love the felted monkey!)

Not to mention people from all over the US- I'm very excited to find so many far flung people are reading, and if you have a few moments, leave a message- I'd love to hear about who you are, do you knit, do you blog- Or did you end up here because you were looking for the band named "Strung-Out"?
C'mon... leave a comment- let's not leave it all up to Elizabeth!

Ok- down to business...
I picked up a meme from Larissa - I've been reading her blog for I think a year now, and she's a fabulous artist, an interesting person, and a new mom...
definitely a blog to read.

So anyway- I saw this on her site... and because I'm a dork, I picked it up, instead of reading White Collar Crime (ok- yes, I am reading- just taking a break... I didn't bring my knitting to school... today)

You google "Yourname needs" and list 10. use the quotes.
1. Kristine needs a mentor who knows that (a) change is a predictable series of stages; (b) change is a process; (c) change is individualized; (d) anxiety and uncertainty are a part of change; and (e) people involved in change need personal and technical support. Such a mentor can help Kristine "find[ing] meaning and satisfaction in new ways of doing things" (Fullan, 1985, p. 396). (augh! they're watching me!)
2. Kristine needs two courses to complete her BS from Clayton College (never mind this law school stuff)
3. Kristine needs the lead-time!
4. But Kristine needs help with a paper. (do I EVER! Who wants to help me with research... c'mon- it's legal research! Ok... I don't want to either)
5. Kristine needs to two-way HotSync
6. Kristine needs to make one to hang in the shop (heh- this one was actually from Wendyknits... about the well known yarn-shop owner Kristine)
7. Kristine needs to talk to KT about pop prices at the sleepover (hmmm.... sleepover is code for knitting group, right?)
8. Kristine needs a room mate! (Like hell I do! I don't live very well with others)
9. And that Kristine needs to establish herself as "pack leader" and become "calm assertive" (done and done)
10. Kristine needs to improve her time. (management?)

My favorite is #9... Surprised?

Oh my!
Thanks for yesterday!! I really appreciated it:-) See ya Sunday!
Hi! I am new to blogging and just put a counter on my blog...but was wondering what you could tell me about this site meter that you speak of...? Where could I get one? I would love to see where the hits are coming from! Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!
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