Monday, October 10, 2005


Homespun project alert!

Project Specs;
yarn- Lamb's Pride Burly spun in grey and my 3rd homespun (doubled)
size 11 needles
no pattern
time taken- 1 week.

But this isn't finished yet... first I need to make another rectangle to line the bottom, so I get a really sturdy base, and I'm also thinking about a pocket on the inside. But I definetly and going to make a few flowers out of the homespun, I'm unsure if I'm going to felt them or not though.

In other knitting news,
my swatch from last week finally dried! My gauge is... drumroll please...
26 sts per 4in and 32 rows per 4in. Not too shabby, hmm? The frightening thing is that the ribbing gauge is about the same sts across. Although it was wavering between 26 and 27... so maybe it will be a little tighter. I measured out a shell I use under my suit... so it might be leaping onto the needles today!

Okay, the homespun looks great!!! I can't wait to see it all finished with its little flowers!
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