Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Broad Street says what!

I really had a relaxing, wonderful fall break. After coming back from Chicago, I did some research on my Note topic, wrote an outline, worked on my cross and my close for my trial on Wednesday, and chilled. Oh yeah, and I knit. :)

I'm partway through a pair of Broad Street Mittens for my boyfriend... they'll be an early Xmas present (he's already seen them) I originally was going to keep it a surprise, but I made the most common Broad Street mistake- I used size 2 dpns for the ribbing, and switched to size 3's for the rest of the glitten. Apparently the designer meant for size 2 to be used for the hobo glove, and size 3's for the mitten top. yeah. whoops.
I didn't figure this out until I finished the entire left hobo glove, and I was irritated, to say the least. On my hand, the glove was really baggy. I panicked about ripping it out and reknitting it, when who knows whether it would fit either way! So I ruined the surprise, and had him try it on. Fortunately it fits much better on him, than it does on me- so no ripping was needed.
Even better- I found these great buttons to hold back the mitten - dark green shamrocks edged in gold (he's a double Domer- technically he'll be a triple Domer)

Also over the weekend I finished spinning the rest of the purple colonial top (the same stuff that I used in the purse) I'm thinking I'll make another felted purse for someone for Christmas- I have about a half ball of grey left. I also started spinning up one of the 4 oz. dyed rovings... the blue and pink one. I'm almost half way through... pictures will follow soon :)

Wow sounds like a relaxing but fibery break! Welcome back. See you on Saturday!
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