Sunday, September 11, 2005


it started well...

and then there was math...
I was curious about how many yards I made yesterday... so I put the skein back on the skeinwinder, and counted how many full revolutions the yarn made around the skeinwinder. (I didn't have any partial revolutions, but if I had, I would have measured that bit and added it later.

I had 16 full revolutions.... at 52 inches around (yes, I measure the darn thing)
So I have 848 inches of yarn- seems like so little, doesn't it?

Since I had no clue how many inches were in a yard, I googled it- and then realized how sad that was, since 12 inches are in a foot, and 3 feet are in a yard. (36 inches are in a yard)

848/36 = 23.5555555555555555555555555555556; or 23.5 yards

for those of you at home
(inches of yarn) x (inches around the skeinwinder) =_____ / 36= yardage

see, you do need math... now if only we could convince math teachers all over the world that they could use knitting as a teaching tool

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