Saturday, September 10, 2005


here's the wound-up skein...when I hung it up, it curls a bit clockwise- I think that means I overtwisted in the actual spinning, not the plying. I still have to set the twist, so I'll weight it and hopefully straigten that out.

that looks really cool- did you take a class or anything or did you figure it out by yourself? the wheel looks very complicated!
Thanks for the compliment! I didn't take a class- but I learned how to spin on a spindle to begin with (I am much worse at that though) So I learned about the basics, such as drafting, directions of twist, plying... but I am still totally a newbie. As for the wheel- it LOOKS totally complicated, but it was mailed to me already partially assembled, and the rest is pretty intutitive. I actually also went to the Interweave website, in this months Spin-off there is an intro to "spinning on a wheel" here's the link-
This looks so great!!! E-mail me and let me know if you have time to get together and spin a little ;-)
If you haven't weighted it yet don't just wash it and let it dry hanging. The twist may settle. If it still is a little overtwisted that's okay. Usually if you weight it it is a quick fix. if you knit with it then wash it it will go back to it's unweighted state.
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