Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Just thought you all would appreciate this...

Last night I show my mom the baby blanket I'm working on, and she says "the lady at the bank is having a baby, can you make her a blanket." And when I say, "No. no. no. no..." she asks if she can buy one from my baby stash.
And I'm not sure. On one hand, $ is good. On the other, I only have 2 blankets in stash, one the blue and white pineapple crochet pattern from a while back (same as the 2 pinks- check out FO's) and the other is a much older one(1st blanket ever). I certainly don't want to be on the hook for making another blanket though. Anyone up for a vote on the 2 blankets? Maybe I'll post pictures and descriptons and ask for some help. :)

Also- I'm vindicated in my confusion on why the poncho was so popular....

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