Sunday, July 03, 2005


Having a great time in NM

In the last few days I've gone to a small, but very good zoo... and I also went to a fun magic show... I'm a bit of a skeptic, and so I spent most of the show figuring out (or trying to figure out) the tricks, and I came to the conclusion that one of the magicians has an amazing memory. Mini-golfing was fun, and so was playing games at an arcade... but I think the most fun I had was when my BF suggested we go to a bead store to see if I could use beads as buttons for "Candy"- yes, you all can be jealous... my bf actually suggested we do something to further my knitting :)

and yes.. Candy is almost finished... the button holes are done, and all that's left is stringing the beads (which match perfectly) and sewing in a few ends... and voila! Finito.

:) pictures coming next week... I promise

yowza! you're a lucky gal! ;)

hehe my boyfriend has a little bit of (ok, a lot) of the skeptic persuasion in him. It's quite irritating sometimes ;)

your grapey yarn is so yummy!
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