Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bad news on Candy... the buttons are reinforced, but now the darn thing won't stay buttoned (I suspect the buttons are too small) options are numerous, and the 2 front runners are these; I could cut off the button band and recrochet with more suitable buttons, or I could cut a length of ribbon, make the right size buttonholes in that and attach to the back of the buttonhole side, or I could sew the insides of the buttonholes to make them smaller. Brighter ideas are welcome.

Also, a note on the ipod pattern- my mom says the yarn is not as elastic as she would like, and so stretches to the point where it is slightly too loose. That said, she is running with hers, so it is getting a little more abuse than normal. But if you're choosing between two armband sizes, the smaller one may be a good idea.

Finally- 2 new project alerts! I am 10 inches into the baby blanket... and I have another brand new project that I bought the yarn for yesterday. Here's the story...
My parents 25th is this year, and at the end of the month they're having a big party. Last week I went to Nordstrom's Rack (great shoes for cheaper than department store prices) and I bought a fabulous pair of Stuart Weiztman slingbacks. They are shades of fushia and black. Once my wireless starts working again, I'll post a picture. So then I have to go out and buy a dress... my (older) black dress is kaput in the zipper, and so I bought a great black dress from Nordstroms (sale!) But woe is me... because I don't have a fabulous fushia purse to match the shoes (though a friend found earrings to match). So I head over to Northbrook's LYS- Three Bags Full- and they are extremely helpful in trying to increase my yarn addiction. At one point I actually thought to myself that they were yarn-pushers. heh.
So I came home with black and fushia Cascade 220, and my mother has granted permission for me to join the ranks of felting knitters everywhere. WHOoo-Ho!

Go Kristine!!! You felt that bag! Congratualtions to your parents.
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