Saturday, May 07, 2005


The Yarn Harlot was in Kalamazoo!

I'm away from my home computer... so pictures will have to wait- but here's the quick recap.
Stephanie is funny, smart and really really nice. I made a total fool of myself... I looked like a fish. My mouth opening and closing. Nothing coherent coming out. I lost it when Stephanie wanted to touch my tanktop (that Madylen chose!), admired my sock (and my aluminum sock needles) and liked my shrug. I actually flashed a thumbs up on the shrug comment (I'm shaking my head at myself) I lost any semblence of speech when after asking if I could take a picture for my blog, she asked where was I- of course I managed to spit out- "strung out" and appparently she's followed back a comment I left at her site. HOW COOL IS THAT! (I follow all my comment links too, but she has hundreds of comments!)

Currently I'm in Ann Arbor, visiting my recently graduated sister- so you'll get some pictures on Sunday.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sorry! the two removed ones were me, realizing I'd posted twice over, AND mis-spelled your name. Tongue tied, I tell you. They said :
She's luvverly, isn't she? You make me feel better, Kristine. I thought I was the only one with a case of hero worship that would render me near speechless. I went home after meeting Stephanie, thinking to myself "But, she's so pleasant and normal and fun. I almost wish she wasn't the Yarn Harlot." Which, of course, is blantantly ridiculous. She rocks.
So, by the way, do you. So please don't come touring yet. :)
I'm so glad you went with the tank top - and that Stephanie admired it!!!

I'm sure I would have resembled a fish if I had met her, too. You're not alone!
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