Monday, May 02, 2005


Vote on Kristine's wardrobe!

Positives- the color is great! The fit is perfect too- you might be able to tell it's shaped by the picture, but I also made it to perfectly cover my bra(plus an inch or 2), so it's totally curvehugging on top too. It says I'm a fun loving knitter who doesn't take myself to seriously. (and who is damn sexy!) Negatives- it's simple. It is a ribbon knit, so it sort of looks like a beginner project(not that beginners are bad or anything- but since I'm only 23, some other knitters already are patronizing enough- the meetup group rocks though!) another negative, it's cold outside- and the high is 71 degrees, while the low is 49- I could bring a little sweater to wear over it, but I don't have one that I made that would work- only black ones that I bought.
Oh! I take that back- I have 2 black shrugs I can wear- one fancy and one plain... I would wear the plain one, since the fancy one has a rope of beads across the back.

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