Wednesday, May 11, 2005


It's going to be a fun summer :)

Finished lately
rainbow socks
Mom's Big Mexiko jacket
hot pink and light pink crochet pineapple baby blanket
Blue and white crochet pineapple baby blanket
a whole bunch of mini sweater ornaments
Fleece lined Duffle coat for adorable nephew
2 versions of the pattern rejected by Knitty
3 easter chicks

Needs to be finished
1. Thrummed glittens
2. Crush ankle socks
3. baby chenille hat with hearts
4. zipper and collar on blue thick and thin jacket
5. Chris’s glittens

In the wings...
1. Duffle coat in red for my adorable niece
2. Candy from Kitty's winter in Pingouin Mousse blue and turqoise
3. Hourglass sweater in Pingoun Mousse purple and black
4. tanktop with Tamm diamante
5. Shrug from pale blue elastic yarn and grey and blue ladder ribbon from my Europe trip
6. felted bag from unidentified gray wool and the junk I spun :) pattern will imitate Knit It 2002 pattern # 9
7. Pinwheel rug out of cotton yarn that needs to be dyed (yay!)
8. sleeveless red top from unlabled yarn9. self designed baby blanket- I worked grids out for heart designs- this is going to be a double sided knit (I’m trying out a new skill!)

Projects lacking yarn
1. black shrug for my older sister
2. Marvin the depressed robot from Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy
3. Shrug from Vogue Knitting Winter 2004 (Filatura Di Crosa advertising section-pg 127)
4. skirt portion of Lily Chin’s Lace Dress from the Interweave’s Crochet issue
5. Color Splash Handbag from Interweave’s Crochet Issue.
6. Sweater for myself in Shetland Chunky from Chunky Knits Book # 500948 "Cabled Pullover with Hood"
7. possibly a lionbrand homespun cable sweater- but I hate the way homespun ages, so I my have to adapt to a better yarn.

Yarn lacking projects
1. pinkish ladder yarn - same type as blue above- probably destined for a black tank with awesome detailing- I can't picture it yet, but I'll get there
2. Tibet fuzzy yarn- needs to be dyed, and then I’ll probably design a sweater pattern
3. Emerald green sweater that I bought on extreme sale that needs to be rescued, the yarn has great texture but its current form is a sleeveless, shapeless cowl neck. I'm thinking of pairing it with black and maybe have a shaped striped sweater.

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