Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I'm moving to Chicago soon!

Ok guys- I leave for a Chicago suburb on Sunday night... if anyone wants to meet up and have a knitlunch or hour in the evening, I'm all for it- preferably Saturday afternoon... but if Sunday works for you guys, I'm very cool with that :) Elizabeth? Madalyn?

Tommorow I'll be posting the planned summer knitting projects ;) and the progress on my old to do list. (enticing isn't it?) We'll get to see how bad I am at following through on lists... for some reason I like to make them longer, rather than cross items off. heh.

Sunday is our guild meeting I think. Do you want to eat something before? I love to run away and I think I can get them to do extended babysitting duties. Let me know and I'll check it out from this end!
I can't on Saturday - we have people coming over that afternoon, and my husband has a performance at Club LaSalle that evening. (Want to meet up then?)

Elizabeth is correct - there's a guild meeting on Sunday. What time do the meetings start? I was thinking about doing some landscaping that afternoon if it's not raining...

Are you moving to the Chicago area just for the summer, or for good?
Sunday's guild meeting sounds great- maybe we can meet up a little earlier... :) Although LaSalle Grill Saturday night does sound tempting... I think I might be able to be convinced >:)
I'm actually moving to Chicago only for the summer- I have 2-3 more years here
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