Thursday, May 26, 2005


I had a great day today... I actually went to the library and worked on the journal competition note.... and while I was there I checked out 2 movies- Elizabeth and Chocolat. Girl power!

I also got a bunch of cd's to upload to my mom's ipod- she says she's bored with the music on it- we can take care of that!
Later while I was watching the movies, I knit all the progress you see above! hooray!

Unfortunately, I missed BF's phone call- :( I miss him tons, he's out West for the summer(sniff) I guess I'll have to console myself with chick flicks and knitting (hmmm, this may not be sooo bad) Tonight was great though, my mom loved Chocolat, and we started talking afterwards (about everything) and it was great.

ok- enough babbling for tonight- more this weekend, because my favorite person ever is visiting for the weekend with her girlfriend (I apparently am required to decide if this woman is good enough for my friend- I say noone is good enough, but maybe this one will have to do. :D ) enjoy your Memorial Days sales everyone!

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