Friday, May 13, 2005



I am 1 inch from finishing the second sock... and I run out of yarn. Now, don't panic! I was smart, and I bought 2 skeins- I was originally going to make 2 tall socks (plans change- all the time in fact) And now, in my time of need, where is this second skein? ... In another state. I can't get the yarn to finish the cursed sock until Tuesday! AUGH! This is the punishment the knitting fates have selected for me, since the last pair took over 6 months to make, and I gave them as a Christmas present instead of the birthday present the were meant to be (July 4th is her birthday) sigh- ok, I deserve this punishment, but please be kind to me knitting deities!

On a lighter, less desperate note, I have something really cute to show you guys... but the knitting group gets to see it first! (I'll post the picture Sunday night) and no, it isn't a finished project. I also have decided to offer my pattern free here, once I figure out how to make a pdf. (and I'll write up that cabled scarf pattern from winter) I sent it over to Knit 1- but it turns out that they just ran a pattern very similar in looks to mine (not in construction- my idea was entirely my own!) I hadn't seen the spring/summer Knit 1, so I didn't know. It's probably why it was turned down for knitty as well- besides my lack of ability to form coherent sentences :)

Hopefully I'll see you sunday. My husband got tickets to the pacers game sun. So i have to find a babysitter.
Is your pattern in Word? If so, I can make it into a pdf for you, if you want. Just email it to me.
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