Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Crazy Rambling

I'm all moved in... it's sooo creepy to have moved back home. I had to go through my closet, crammed with all this junk that at different times in my life I considered important- and sort them into keep, give away and throw away piles. Lots of stuff made it into the keep pile- mostly books that I love, and the music tapes from years of figure skating programs. (they run from about 1989 to 1999) I couldn't part with them, and I don't think I'll be able to in the future either.
But I am willing to part with the junky jewelry I collected over time, (I always have loved a good garage sale find!) and some of these pieces will be reborn as stitch markers and sent out RAOK style. - ok, a few loyal people will get stuff too ;)

anyway- the socks were finished today! And by finished, no I don't mean I finished sewing in the ends. I mean the fun part is over :( But the good news is that now I can start another project! I think it may be the niece's coat- so I can send them out at the same time (and soon!)

ok, who am I kidding, I am always willing to start a new project! Screw finishing them, it's about the discovery of a new skill, the anticipation of a challenge, the sweet promise of untouched yarn... let's face it- old projects are like Henry VIII's wives- so sweet to start with, but we get bored or disillusioned after a while. Fortunately, there is no need to take scissors to an old project (off with it's head!) and we can merely daly with the young, beautiful project that awaits us!

enough of my crazy rambling...

I feel your pain... I went through that "throw away / give away / keep" process last summer. I actually went home for two weeks, largely for that very purpose (though also to visit friends, parents, etc.). I've always been a packrat, so it was a HUGE process, but once I realized that I was going to be living with Becky from now on, it didn't make sense to keep hoarding old stuff at my parents' house, where I would only be visiting, never living, from now on.

It was amazing how much stuff I threw out. You know those huge lawn & leaf bags you can buy at the grocery store, the heavy-duty paper bags that are like three times the size of normal trash bags? Yeah, I filled up like 20 of those with old stuff that I was throwing out. :)

And like you, I, of course, blogged about it. :)
Glad you are settling in! I hope you share some tidbits about the job. We will miss you today at the spinning demo.
ugh, i'm such a packrat...i threw out a ton of stuff when I moved out last was painful! I bagged them in clear trash bags (thinking of it now, opaque ones would have been easier!) I rolled them out to the dumpster and had to literally shut my eyes as I threw 'em in! But in the end, it felt good :D
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