Monday, April 11, 2005

So I realized today that I've been posting only pictures and a few sentences at a time- I am so sorry- I apologize profusely, but I'm going to defend myself as well (BF knows I can't say sorry without also saying "but..."

Truth #1- Law school sucks. It is hard, time consuming, life sapping and boring. Also demoralizing, because no matter how hard you work, and how many hours you put into the paper/reading/exam outline, everyone else in the grade has worked harder than you. Or they lie, and said they did.

Truth #2- Law school sucks away all available time and energy. I don't know how the students who have kids do it- all I want to do when I get home is sleep. Or knit.

Truth #3- when beginning law school, you should go out an buy pants in at least 1 size bigger than you wear now. You will gain weight. And look to #2 for the reason you can't go shopping.

Truth #4- Law School is high school; paranoia returns in full force...even if people aren't talking about you, you are convinced that they are

Truth #5- You will most likely become disillusioned during your time in law school. Especially when you discover that "Ethics" can be defined as "anything that's not against the law"

Truth #6- you will hate the way your writing has changed.... I had to edit this post and delete the word "construed" twice.

Alright- the bitching is finished... back to normal posts again soon... on a happier note, I have only the hood left on my nephew's little jacket.

I work with law students...I send you all my good happy law student thoughts.

I hope you have a little energy to get you knit on.
Oh, Kristine, you poor thing. I'm feeling the pain from school, but I know that my classes don't hold a candle to yours. Keep up the good work, god knows that we need lawyers ;)
My cousin felt the same way and he graduated from ND. He's doing well now. It's a really important few years of your life. Every semester that is over is one you won't have to do again. You are almost finished with you first year! Yay!!!!
I also work with law students and I know how you feel. I watch it happen all the time. I don't know if it would help but there is little know, but fabulous book out there called Theatre Tips and Tricks for Jury Trials. by David Ball

Good Luck!
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