Saturday, April 23, 2005


My latest project- some of you may recall this as the project I ripped last week... (no, I didn't blog about it- but basically, I thought I was making a baby hat, and the hat turned out to be too big for me!) This hat is perfectly baby sized- 70 stitches around in worsted weight chenille... don't ask where I got the stuff, I have stash enhancement amnesia :)

The hat's adorable (I'm having the same size-issue problem on a baby hat right now...)

"Stash enhancement amnesia"...may I borrow this? It seems like a very convenient thing to have!

I think I had a different meaning in mind...along the lines of..."Gee, I haven't purchased any yarn in like..forever. I guess I'd better go buy some right now!" That sort of amnesia...the kind that dh isn't happy
I like your version of amnesia better- my version is sad (losing labels is not good)
mmm...chenille. I can't explain it, I love it. Hey, thanks for the advice on my Pink Fluffy Clouds sweater (re: ripping back). Glad I did it!
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