Sunday, April 17, 2005


23 days from start to finish

I have finished Duffle Coat #1- today during the guild meeting I finished stitching the lining in. After the meeting, I bought the cutest buttons... pictures to follow.

One question for the ladies who have had to put clothing on 2 year olds. It's about the upper left button... it's a little close to the face- would it be better to make it a fake button, so my sister doesn't have to wrestle with her son? The upper right button should be enough to hold the top up, and I would still sew the button in for visual effect- but if it's not a big deal, I'll make it a usable button.
(I'm torn on this- so if you have any opinion, even a mild one, please share!)

that looks awesome! with my DD when she was 2 i always buttoned the top first so then when she started fussing it was usuallyt he bottom that wasn't buttoned.
but i never had a problem with wresteling her to button everything.
just my HO!!!
you did an awesome job though the jacket is awesome
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