Tuesday, February 08, 2005



I am absolutely drowning in reading, legal writing and FAFSA filling out! Not to mention fundraising for the Women's Legal Forum. grrr. But I am still making time to knit! (a teeny bit) Actually, Tuesdays lunch is a knitlunch- today it's a weaving in ends day, and maybe a start the second mitten day.

In other news, the BF desires a pair of glittens of his own- sans fuzzy bits. He was thoroughly amused by the name and wants gray and blue, exact color scheme and design to be left up to me... Muhahahaha! Any suggestions gentle readers?

Finally, I caved and bought stash to complete the CardiRogue. We'll see if it works- I bought cheap; Bernat Denim- the pattern books actually show it cables pretty well. It's a blend of cotton and acrylic, and it's sooooo soft.

Oh yes, and for Northern Indiana readers, Friday night at Palais Royale is Carnaval night... free admission, starts at 8 and the Chicago Samba Band is going to be there (they are awesome) So if you want to have a little fun, dance a little bit, hang out with good friends (or new friends) consider showing up :) I'll be there- guaranteed

Hope you bring the glittens to next Weds. meeting. Can't wait to see it. I think I'm going to try spinning-no laughing!!! I may need some pointers!
i hear ya! I've been incredibly swamped with art.. whoever says art is easy should be kicked swiftly in the shins. ooooh! since you are a law student....guess what an ignorant college boy asked me once? I told him I was an art major...he promptly retorted something like this "so are you planning on going to law school or something? because people normally take easy majors before that"..what a dummy!

your glittens rock! I was thinking that if I made rogue I'd make a cardi version (im simply addicted to cardis!)
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