Saturday, February 12, 2005



Hi CUA mom- thanks for posting with respect. I was a little worried about potential flaming- but so far so good, right?
Actually, I've had discussions with several students, both conservative, liberal, Catholic, religious otherwise, and non-religious since. I think my final stance on this is that typically, the university does an ok job balancing Catholic teachings with the desire to create a university which also preaches tolerance, acceptance and diversity. I'm not thrilled, but it's a start.

What I'm really mad about is the fact that these were scheduled events. Scheduled months in advance. And this letter writing, calling and emailing campaign resulted in a school sanctioned event being removed, without notice to anyone who had bought tickets to the Eve Ensler dfundraiser/dinner. They literally removed it from the calendar and that was it. As for the Queer Film Festival, the Thomas More Society of the Law School inappropriately sent out the bishop's letter to the list-serv without approval. I think the inclusion of context probably explains why I'm so upset. I realize I go to a Catholic University. I just hate it when they break their own rules that we've been playing by, and I especially hate it when the school feels the need to bow down to some extremely fundamental groups. The majority of Catholic students on campus don't agree with the tactics and behavior of the fringe groups, and it is unfair to remove previously approved programs because a small minority make a huge fuss.

PS- thank you for the lovely compliment on the crochet... I'l have to post some pictures of projects past. I'm teaching a group of law students to crochet- I think they're chomping on the bit to move onto knitting though.

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