Monday, February 21, 2005


Constitutional Law strikes again!

Today in Conlaw, the professor is explaining the Commerce clause. Here's his hypothetical-

"Could Congress say, 'No more knitting'? Knitting is a big craze now. It drives me crazy. Machines are better! 'Let's spent hundreds of hours doing something that's worse than if you did it on a machine." AUGH! My knitting is way better! First of all, my sweaters actually fit my body!

The hypo went on for about 20 minutes... during which he said that it was unlikely that home knit garments were unlikely to have an aggregate affect on the market. Hmm.. maybe, but I would bet that knitters buy fewer knit garments in order to save up for that fabulous skein of Noro, or whatever floats your boat.

anyway- just to tease you, I'm 2/3rds of the way done on my knitty submission. ;)

oh lord! my bookarts prof made it very clear not to bind our books in any sort of yarn "I HAAAATTEE yarn" she said... *sigh* people just don't understand!
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