Friday, February 18, 2005


Busy, busy, busy!

Good news everyone! Blogger has reworked the way comments work! Now they should appear in pop-up windows, and you no longer have to be registered in Blogger or merely Anonyomous to leave a message, you can leave your actual name and homepage :)

ok- first, I have a confession. Wednesday, I did not go to the knitting meetup at Sufficient Grounds. Instead, I stayed home and did some school related reading, and worked on a draft for an appeallate brief that's due today.

To punish myself for missing such a fun event, I finished one sleeve to the old UFO... it's a bit tight, but I prefer it to what the pattern called for. Personally, I think I was a bit dumb when I picked out a project for this yarn- it's thick and thin acrylic stuff, and I picked a pattern that showcases a soft mohair. What was I thinking? I've had to seriously cut down the number of stitches on the sleeve, it's very evident that my stitch gauge has loosened over time.

Of course, having to calculate, sketch and knit was not punishment enough. Not by far. This weekend I might have to attend the guild meeting, and I'll also be working on a pattern for submission for the summer Knitty!

also - requested presents (all in the last 2 weeks)
BF- a pair of glittens of his very own!
Law school friend- a pair of orange glittens of her very own!
older sister- a shrug (this was a little random- I think she saw the one I made for another elder sister)

Missed you Kristine but you may be excused for doing schoolwork!!!!
Oh, hooray for my glittens! I'm anticipating them in all their glitteny goodness already.

I think glitten is my new favorite word, incidentally. Replacing puddle and tangerine.
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