Sunday, January 30, 2005


whatever happened to lazy Sundays?

Grr.... I'm doing research and reading, serves me right, since yesterday I spent a good portion of my day just relaxing, knitting and now I have to pay for that. heh. Bad new about the mittens- I need the needles that are currently being used on the socks to do the ribbing... and I really don't want another set of size 3 double pointed- so this means the sock is going to get finished before I start the mittens :( in good news, I think I'm going to modify the mitten pattern (surpised?) and make a flip top so I can use my fingers sometimes- I have a picture in my head, and eventually you all get to see it. ;)

Thanks for the great comments everyone- Welcome Josie and Susan!
no, I didn't make up the baby pattern (I'm not so great at making up complicated crochet patterns) the book/pamphlet it's from is a Leisure Arts book- Pastel Pineapples for Baby- pattern #3. Obviously, I'm not so fond of pastels.

Anyway- back to work

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