Thursday, January 20, 2005


Last night's knitting content!

Last night was the meetup knitting group at Lula's - sorry about the lack of advance warning for those who are in the area.

Ok- the group was 9 strong, and several Guild members were also in attendance. We've outgrown Lula's (plus they have really bad lighting) so it was decided for next month to move the group to a coffeeshop in Mishawaka, that has a very cute name, but I've totally forgotten it- no matter, since Elizabeth (group leader) probably will send out a group email- thank God she's way more organized than I am!

I had the chance to show off the big Mexiko jacket.... there were ooo's and ahhh's (ok, I was the only one oooing and ahhing) but it was lovely to show the jacket to knitters who know just how much work it really represents. Everyone was working on such beautiful projects... I know some of them may wander over to this site to check it out, please feel free to leave a comment with details of your projects... I know I didn't get around to everyone last night- but I really want to hear about them!

There is also a picture of everyone from last night (just one big group picture) that I can't post for a day or two, until I get my laptop back... and then pictures galore!

Just so everyone knows what an obsessive knitter I am... over break I collected the fleece for the thrummed mittens, and new stash from the Japanese candy store in Chinatown(picture to follow), and made mini-sweater ordanments for Xmas presents, made myself a hat to match the scarf and almost finished the pineapple pink baby blanket, and worked on the 2nd rainbow sock(past the heel!) and finished my mom's jacket(sans zipper). Whew! So that's my excuse on why I haven't written the pattern for the scarf yet! It's coming eventually- Spring break is coming up in a few months ;)

PS- for the inquisitive knitter at last night's group... the yarn for Big Mexiko came in the mail over Thanksgiving. I think I told you the jacket took me about a month, it was definetly closer to 2 months... oops!

Yay!! I posted. The next meetup will be at Sufficient(sp!!) Grounds on Mckinley in Mishawaka. I'm going to have to call them for the address which is not in my ph bk.
Kristine's jacket is to die for,she's being modest!
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