Wednesday, December 15, 2004



Yikes- I just walked out of the criminal law exam... and I have no idea how I did, all I know is that my stomach is in knots and I feel like curling up into the fetus position. I'm just not going to think about it. And study for my last exam- Torts is on Friday.

But first I get to indulge in a little knitting content... tonight is the knitting group at Lula's cafe- 7pm! I'm not sure who's going to show, but I'll be there and Elizabeth will be there, and I get to show off the sleeve of my mom's Big Mexiko jacket. If you're nice, maybe I'll even post a picture :)
Unexpected Big Mexiko development, I got the wrong color... see, I bought "sombrero" instead of "sundown." Heh. Well, I'm on the second skein, and I've pulled out the insides of pretty much every skein because I wanted to find the pattern repeat that matched up, so um, I may not be able to return it- I hope my mom likes this color. I think she will- the repeat is much more colorful with bands of color- well, you'll see.

Off to dinner and a quick torts review, an hour of blissful knitting and then massive reworking of Torts outlines
:) I can't wait for Friday at 5:30p. I'm bringing my knitting to school so I can start the instant I walk out of the exam. Really! I might even post a picture of it if I'm not crying hysterically from relief.

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