Wednesday, December 01, 2004



ok- one more time (I wrote this earlier, but then blogger ate it)
I should be working on my legal writing final... I should be working on outlines... I should be sending out resumes to prospective 1L employers... but what am I doing? I'm posting, because let's face it- I love knitting! (or I really don't want to do any of the above things- whatever)

quick note to knitchick- the scarf pattern from yesterday is mine- unfortunately, I didn't write it out... perhaps we have a winter break project- hmm, perhaps a free pattern area? We'll see.

For now, if anyone wants to try to decipher the pattern, it's over 46 stitches, the outside ridges are 4 stitches each, the middle cable is 4 stitch and the left and right cables (both big and small) aren't just twisted- they have purl stitches on the inside too.

If you figure it out before I write it out, share the wealth and I'll post the pattern with props to you!

Hey! Thanks for de-lurking on my blog! ( I haven't tried tracing figure patterns before, though when I just doodle them, they're pretty crappy LOL (hmmm....perhaps that tells you what they look like on ice). I don't normally spend so much time on figures, but it's the one thing that doesn't bother my knee these days.

Tell me you don't want to join the world of geriatric skaters once, oh, say you graduate and get through your first frenzied years of laywerly duties.... hmmmmm? In fact, I suggest keeping "good rink access" on your list of requirements while job hunting :)

Ciao - Sara (
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