Monday, December 20, 2004


My busy knitting life

What I'm working on now (once finals are over)
1. rainbow sock #2
2. Mom's Big Mexiko jacket
3. hot pink and light pink crochet pineapple baby blanket - partner to the blue one in the gallery, since my pregnant friend doesn't know if it's a boy or girl
4. mini sweater ornaments

In the wings...
1. Candy from Kitty's winter in Pingouin Mousse black and mauve (garage sale and ebay!)
2. cabled hat and mittens from Lionbrand Wool-spun in Natural
3. hat/scarf/mittens from grey boucle from Spain and red boucle from Micheal's- I'm a non-discrimnatory knitter - mittens will be thrummed! (red merino roving with gray wool)
4. tanktop (remake of the one Katie Holmes wore on the October Cosmopolition cover) with, get this! vintage Reynolds Palmona - a very thin, cotton boucle.(I found it in the basement-it probably was my grandmother's, but I can't be sure)
5. Shrug from pale blue elastic yarn and grey and blue ladder ribbon from my Europe trip
6. something out of the Cascade Fixation hot pink and light pink- probably socks or a bikini
7. felted bag from unidentified gray wool and the junk I spun :) pattern will imitate Knit It 2002 pattern # 9

Projects lacking yarn
1. Sweater for my nephew- Logan from the Scholler und Stahl baby book I have
2. little dress for my niece- Sophia
3. Shrug from Vogue Knitting Winter 2004 (Filatura Di Crosa advertising section-pg127)
4. Sweater for myself in Shetland Chunky from Chunky Knits Book # 500948 "Cabled Pullover with Hood "
5. possibly a lionbrand homespun cable sweater- but I hate the way homespun ages, so I my have to adapt to a better yarn.

Yarn lacking projects
1. pinkish ladder yarn - same type as blue above- probably destined for a black tank with awesome detailing- I can't picture it yet, but I'll get there
2. a pound of cotton- was being stupid when I bought this, and forgot that cotton grows, yeah, I bought it for a sweater (the Shetland Chunky actually) but now I think I may dye it different shades of reds and purples and blues and knit strips and weave together for a rug.
3. Emerald green sweater that I bought on extreme sale that needs to be rescued, the yarn has great texture but its current form is a sleeveless, shapeless cowl neck. I'm thinking of pairing it with black and maybe have a shaped striped sweater.

Forgotten projects
1. sleeves to an unearthed UFO- it's so old, the stitches are all twisted(yeah- that was my big mistake for a looong time) it's cute, it fits- maybe I'll finish it up.
2. self designed baby blanket- I worked grids out for heart designs and intarsia work, but I have NO enthusiam for this project

oh, God help me, I just discovered

riiiight, and I'm in law school why?
can we say not enough time? NOT ENOUGH TIME!

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