Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Holiday knitting extravaganza!

Being on break means I get lots of knitting time. I did go shopping today for gifts (a little late, I admit- but I had finals) Yesterday I finished mini sweater #3 and the first half of the Big Mexiko jacket!
Today, I made mini sweaters #4 and 5- I'm down to an hour and a half per sweater, but my hands keep cramping up.
Quick descriptions of the mini's-
#3 is green with red stripes
#4 is navy blue with a maize "M" for Michigan!
#5 is green with a red santa hat- fabric and cotton balls are fun!

the new wire for the hangers is from a gigantic craft store- check the flower arranging area, they're cut into lengths already.

Pictures will be up after break- My computer is heading in for some R&R
:) enjoy the holidays!


isn't it great being able to knit, knit, knit w/o worrying about school?!
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