Wednesday, December 01, 2004


crochet dazzles?

Ok- first, I apologize for this mildly negative post... but it needs to be written

so I get Carol Alexander's Talking Crochet newsletter (yeah, I can hear you all giggling)
anyway... she writes
"The “old-fashioned” granny square now has a whole new respect as a chic fashion statement, showing up in wardrobes in everything from hats and scarves to sweaters and ponchos. "
..."Want to see why crochet has finally gone from its former persona of bazaar-sale kitsch to designer showroom dazzle? "

first of all... the granny square is still as ugly as ever. I'm sorry if you don't agree- but it just reeks of the 60's - cool then, but gone the way of fringe and bellbottoms.
secondly, crochet hasn't left the category of bazaar-sale kitsch. Just look at the awful crochet magazines out- heavy blankets, baby stuff, angel patterns, hearts and doilies. Not that there aren't nice things made out of crochet- my point is that the majority of publications out there are nowhere near "showroom dazzle"

I would love to see a magazine use crochet's advantages- it would make great bags, delicate tanks, funky hats and toys. (check out Crazy Lola on the side bar for great examples)

oh! for a good chuckle, go to Knitter's magazine and take a look at the knitter who skinned the Cookie Monster!
last word for tonight? beware the granny square!

8 days to finals!

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