Thursday, December 02, 2004


7 days left!

So technically, there are 8 days to finals because my Contracts exam is on the 10th. But counting study days left motivates me better, since the fear sets in a day earlier... :)

anyway- no knitting news for a while... I've banned myself from swatching for the Scholler und Stahl jacket until finals are done... that's the 17th! But if I'm super stressed out right after a final, I may sneak in a bit of sock #2 for an hour or two of relaxation before plunging into the next study day.

Sara- while geriatic skating does sound like fun, I am in major denial. As long as I don't get back on the ice (besides a little teaching) then I might still be able to land my double loop, or double flip (the lutz was never really consistent)- really, I know I lost those... but what if I lost more (gasp)
Denial is good. But there is another law student who has searched out the local clubs and rinks, so I many invest in some ice time next semester to jolt me back to reality...

And finally- today is the last day of my kickboxing class for the semester- my students have been great- they really picked things up quick and were dedicated to class (yeah, I know, my inner coach is showing) so hopefully my nasty sinus infection won't get in the way of a great last class.

aha! There's hope!

Can I just say - don't wait for more than 20 years to get back like I did :) I quit when I was 18, I picked it up again at age 39 or so. Well, I went at lunch at age 38 a couple of times a week and got 3 turns and scratch spins back (but I couldn't land a single loop), but I started lessons at 39. With a year or year and a half of obsession that resulted in an overuse injury - I'm back to about exactly where I was when I quit... I'm just saying, 20+ years off wasn't the best plan! Although - there were reasons for it, heck. But - it was always at the back of my mind during the 20 years off - so if that's true for you - keeping it going even minimally or recreationally until you want to do it more will narrow the time it takes to get back to where you were. I know multiple folks with multiple doubles beyond age 40...that part is not lost forever for you.

And the adult competitive world is a very cool thing :)
! Sara
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