Wednesday, December 08, 2004


1 day standing between me and my Contracts Final

argh. that's enough of that...
I broke the moratorium to annouce my Christmas yarn shopping.

I will be going to Aji Ichiban. Yes, you heard that right- Aji Ichiban.
ok- so it's the candy store in front of the yarn store
one of the law school knitters stumbled on this store and bought some beautiful blue think and thin, super soft yarn. (drooling just thinking about it)

But she couldn't remember exactly where it was... but now, thanks to Step into my Thimble, problem solved!

Did I tell all of you how much I love the knitting, blogging community? You all ROCK!
And now I have something to live for! A LYS TRIP! Yayyy!

2117-A S. China, Chicago
Tel: (312) 238-9998

accessible by the Red line Cermack/Chinatown

and I found this out all because Hillary sent me the link- Thank you thank you thank you!

Alright, enough of that- I have to go back to work... and on Friday, from 1:30p- 5:30p keep me in mind- I know, it's just exams- but send those good thoughts my way anyway- I'm going to need them :)

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