Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Straight But Not Narrow

the t-shirt is for a group protest against the University's refusal to recognize NDAlliance- the LGBT group- hundreds of people on campus are wearing bright orange shirts to support these students.
I don't think that "fine by me" is the optimal message to be sending- I would rather wear a more supportive, accepting and positive t-shirt. But this is the t-shirt NDAlliance created, and I am going to support them wholeheartedly.

And... by the way- knitting content of the day is above... I frogged about 7 inches of the sleeves I was working on(tension was to loose)- and started again. :P oh well- that's life.

OH! I almost forgot- if you're in the area, a new local knitting group is meeting tonight 7pm at Lula's coffeeshop- check out the details at

Kristine it's Kae, from FiberRAOK. I noticed you put your site in the queue, but there's a delivery failure notice from when RingSurf tried to send your information to you. Please email me at if you need a copy of your RingSurf info (so you can change your email address if needed... that's what failed). -Kae
Hey I just found your blog from the Academics knit webring and I was so excited to see the ND Alliance tshirt on here! I got my BA and MA at ND and was involved with an earlier incarnation of the group. I too wish it was a more positive message (Our buttons back in 96 said "We are ALL ND/SMC") but considering the conservatism of the student body, a general attitude of "fine by me" would be a huge stride!

In more recent news, the jacket for your nephew is beautiful--I am in awe of the patience it took to sew in that lining!
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