Saturday, November 20, 2004


Legal Research is OVER!

So last night 179 law students went out together drinking to celebrate the end of our first exam. What did I do? I came home and knit. - actually first I went to my apartment and cleaned out my fridge, which during the last few days broke and all the food went horribly, horribly bad- and then I went back to my bf's house and knit to make myself feel better about how rancid my apartment smells. Okay- gross story is over, now for pictures!

almost finished with the jacket.. must resist desire to stitch together before blocking!

So after I finished this jacket I picked up a project from the stash...

These cute socks are a perpetual WIP, rainbow colored socks for a friend- I worked about an inch and a half.
I hate them! but I love my friend! oh the dilemma

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