Monday, November 22, 2004


Court Memo #2 done!

I'm in a gerbil wheel! I finished the court memo that was due for Legal Writing, and an hour later they give us the final for the same class. damn it. And here I thought I'd only have to outline and catch up with reading over Thanksgiving. I can just see it now... I get home, turn around and end up getting work done at the public library all weekend- if they're open that is. Do I sound bitter? Well, I am. I'm sick of the hazing ritual. It's not funny anymore people!
(breathe in, breathe out...) okay, I'm better. really. I'm going to spend the weekend working my ass off in between bites of delicious food (
I may have to fight the sibling and father for web time- so no promises if I will post. But I will try- and who knows, maybe I'll even finish a sock this weekend!
Oh yes- also, Big Mexiko shipped.... so it might be waiting for me- and of course I'll give you a close up look
(yeah, I'm a tease)

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