Sunday, November 14, 2004


1st posting ever!

So while I should be studying for the Legal Research final exam (on Friday) or doing reading for Civ Pro (tommorow at 9am) instead I've decided to take the plunge and start a blog.
Since starting law school, I have become a professional procrastinator, and I read knitting and spinning related blogs instead of doing work. So here I am- adding my 2 cents.

today's knitting content-
my current project (one of many WIP)
I'm working on a Schoeller und Stahl pattern from the fall/winter 2003-04 "winterchic"
It's a fitted woman's jacket (#16) with extra long sleeves and a funky collar... I have just the arms left to finish- so you'll probably get a picture by next weekend :)
Of course I'm using a substitute yarn I found this summer in Geneva- (my older sister lives in Switzerland and I was visiting/traveling) It is heaven- soft, fluffy blue-gray wool plyed with a narrow shot of almost emerald green. Beautiful stuff- on sale for 1 Euro each (I bought all the yarn left in the dye lot= 16 balls heh heh) I was going to make a blanket, but the pattern called to me - so I answered.
Anyway- back to studying now...

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