Saturday, September 17, 2005

So last night I spun some more singles... this time trying to go really skinny and even- and they look pretty good! I think I'm going to use this single to try navajo plying... it's not very much, so it's ok if (or when) I destroy the wool :) The good news is that it's like finger crocheting a chain, and I know how to do that! (thanks Vovo!)

On a similar topic... My Copper Moose order was shipped... Blue Faced Leiscester and faux cashmere.... both are supposed to be soo soft, and althought I've heard cashmere can be tough to spin, I love a challege! Of course, both tops are white... so there is going to be some dying going on! If these turn out well, I think at least 1 Christmas present will be made

anyway- I'm off to the ND v MSU game... and after that I've got to pick my topic for my Note (30-page legal research paper) oh joy.

your yarn is so beautiful! i love violets! it's weird, a lot of cameras don't like taking violets. It always turns a blueish color. I think higher end cameras have truer color.

good luck with that paper..sounds uberfun! ;)
You are so brave! Navajo plying!! Go Kristine!
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